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Oakmoss and Amber Type

Oakmoss and Amber Type

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Simply beautiful woodsy notes that place your nose right in the middle of a cool moss cloaked forest that is kissed by golden sunlight. Herbs and amber enhance the wood and musk aroma. Appealing to both masculine and feminine scent pallets, exquisite and refined.   We always recommend ordering a 2 oz sample fragrance, as fragrance oils are not returnable.  Skin Safe, see below for IFRA Compliance Information

Top  Notes:  Fresh herb, orange
Middle Notes:  Rose, Oakmoss, Grapefruit
Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Amber,Musk, Tonka

FlashPoint:       > 200 Degrees
Vanillin Content   0%
Ethyl Vanillin  0.32%
Phthalate Free =   YES
SKIN SAFE = YES, see below for IFRA info
Not subject to California Prop 65 warning requirements
Contains Essential Oil:  CEDARWOOD OIL VIRGINIA

IFRA Info: 

Application Level / Limit Application Level / Limit 
Category 1:        0%         
Category 2:        2.87%     
Category 3:        3.20%     
Category 4:        53.75%
Category 5A:      13.75%  
Category 5B:      7.23% 
Category 5C:      5%
Category 5D:      1.66%   
Category 6:         0%      
Category 7A:       6.66%
Category 7B:       6.66%   
Category 8:          1.66% 
Category 9:          17.94%   
Category 10A:      17.94%
Category 10B:      38.46%
Category 11A:       1.66%
Category 11B:       1.66%
Category 12:         100%

IFRA Class Class / Category description of products
1     Products applied to the lips
2     Products applied to the axillae (armpit)
3     Products applied to the face/body using fingertips
4     Products related to fine fragrance
5A   Body lotion products applied to the body using the hands (palms), primarily leave on
5B   Face moisturizer products applied to the face using hands (palms), primarily leave on
5C  Hand cream products applied to the hands using the hands (palms) primarily leave on
5D  Baby creams, babv oils and baby talc
6     Products with oral and lip exposure
7A   Rinse off products applied to the hair with some hand contact
7B   Leave on products applied to the hair with some hand contact
8     Products with significant anogenital exposure
9     Products with body and hand exposure, primarily rinse off
10A   Household care excluding aerosol products (excluding aerosol/spray products)
10B  Household aerosol/spray products
11A   Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate without UV exposure
11B   Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate with potential UV exposure
12     Products not intended for direct skin contact, minimal or insignificant transfer to skin

Customer Reviews

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Tyi Hakeem
Oakmoss & Amber

This is one of my favorites!!! Used it for Lotion & Body Oils. Will get a bigger bottle next time!